So a cat person and a non-cat person walk into a coffee shop…

…and next thing you know, they’re making a podcast together.

About cats.

It’s true. Mary (glasses) has been a cat person her entire life. Lizzie (no glasses)—well, Lizzie doesn’t care much about cats, and never has. But she does care about people with fascinating and funny stories, and as it turns out, cat people are people too, and they’re full of fascinating and funny stories.

Let’s Talk About Cats began as an idea Mary had in the spring of 2014. For various reasons—now there’s a story! a long one!—it languished in the back of her brain until the spring of 2018, when a friend sat her down and said, “you need to make that cat podcast now, and I know someone who can help you.” A few days later, Mary and Lizzie met for the first time at a coffee shop in midtown Manhattan. Lizzie proceeded to impress Mary with her thoughtful ideas about podcast production and storytelling. Mary proceeded to alarm and intrigue Lizzie with her passion for cats, as well as the secret reason she really wanted to make the show: she believed (and still does) that talking about cats is a way to understand the deepest, darkest, weirdest, most personal parts of our selves. Also she had a bizarre yet catchy theme song all ready to go.

The rest, as they say, is history. We are part of the Acast family of podcasts, and we’re grateful to have had creative assistance from the talented, cat-loving individuals on this page—please check them out and support their work.

Photos of Mary and Lizzie © 2019 by Robert Johnson & Katherine Sarkissian at Jonsar Studios

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Mary Phillips-Sandy (Host)

Mary grew up in Waterville, Maine with a series of beloved cats (Midnight, Anatevka, and CB). She then moved to New York and spent several years at Comedy Central, where she led online politics coverage under the Indecision brand and later became managing editor of the digital group. She has written and produced words and shows for lots of places, including The New York Times, Quartz, The Awl, The Maine Film Center, and more. Recently she helped develop and produce Hello Sunshine’s first original audio shows, How It Is and My Best Break-Up.

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Lizzie Jacobs (Executive Producer)

Lizzie has produced several high-profile podcasts, including CityLab’s Technopolis, The Mash-Up Americans, and Make/Time. She also incubates baby podcasts and makes documentaries like We’ll Still Be Here, the first Snapchat-native documentary. She is a Peabody and Emmy Award winning producer for her work on StoryCorps Animated Shorts; she also edited a bunch of New York Times bestsellers for StoryCorps.

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Poingly (Theme Song)

Who is Poingly? A better question might be, what isn’t Poingly? Poingly contains multitudes. He’s a mystery wrapped in mic cords and gold lamé leggings. He’s also a very respectable dad who lives in the suburbs. Listen to Poingly on Spotify and try to figure it out.


Julia Emiliani (Logo Design)

Julia Emiliani is an illustrator, designer, and maker living in Boston. While working full time as an illustrator at Wayfair, she also runs an amazing Etsy shop
of illustrated goods and accessories called Over it Studio. Julia loves cats, but her landlord doesn’t.


The English Muffins (Additional Music)

The English Muffins are Natalie, Althea, and Kate, a band from Portland, Maine. They enjoy crafts, fashion, mysteries, and snacks. They have four cats between them: Shoutout to PeeWee, Posh Spice, Otto, and Girl Walter.