Ep. 1.4: Stella (ft. Amy Plitt)


In This Episode

  • A surprisingly difficult Cat Quiz: Cat Food or New York City Delicacy?

  • Cat cafes: Are they good or bad? Follow-up: Should cats unionize? (Yes, duh, we all should.)

  • How urban cats can get their hunt on without leaving the apartment.

  • The one place Amy would take Stella if she wanted to go sightseeing in the city… and Mary’s pick for Grendel.

  • A tip for crying on public transit, and the comfort of coming home to a cat.

  • It’s time to update the New York City seal! Who’s with us?

  • That stupid Bodega app has a dumb new name but the same bad concept and we still hate it.

  • Episode transcript

Amy Plitt

Amy is the editor of Curbed NY, where she leads coverage of New York real estate, architecture, transportation, neighborhoods, and culture. Previously, she was senior editor at Time Out New York and a digital editor at Condé Nast Traveler. She is the author of Subway Adventure Guide: New York City, which features destinations around the terminal points of subway lines in all five boroughs. Amy enjoys beer, books, and the G train (many people are confused by one of these interests). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

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