Ep. 2.4: Marley & Ruthie Toots (ft. Chris Barron)

Photo credit:  Kristin Gladney

In This Episode

  • LTAC EXCLUSIVE: Chris wrote us some cat haiku.

  • [Cat Quiz spoiler] Shoutout to the late Ed Lowe, the inventor of kitty litter, who staffed his research and development center (an old cow barn) with a team of 31 cats.

  • [Cat Quiz spoiler] More on the tile cats of Yunnan province, made by the local Bai minority. If anyone happens to be passing through Yunnan province, please get us one!

  • Here’s a playlist of the greatest songs ever written about cats, as determined in this very episode.

  • For the record: Keith Richards is an absolute legend. But he does not have a cat. Cheers anyway, Keith.

  • From the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, what happens when you go through a sitting-under-trees phase.

  • So you want to start writing three pages a day? Journalist Rachel Miller documented her experience with the practice, including tips and tricks she learned.

  • The history of noted cat gentleman Pablo Picasso’s experiments in ceramics.

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Chris Barron

Chris Barron is a musician, writer, and dad living in New York City. His band Spin Doctors has released six albums, and has been playing and performing together since the late ‘80s. Chris’s latest project is a solo album, Angels and One-Armed Jugglers, also available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Check out Chris’s upcoming solo shows and Spin Doctors tour dates and follow Chris on Instagram and Twitter for all your #caturday needs.

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