Ep. 1.11: Nala & Riley (ft. Heidi Vanderlee)


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This episode was recorded by FOLTAC (that’s Friend of Let’s Talk About Cats) Leif Enokson at Brain Machine Network. Brain Machine makes some of our favorite podcasts like The Bosscast and Dark Tank, and Leif got up early to spend New Year’s Eve morning taping with us. A hero!

  • How Much Do You Know About Inquisitive Creatures With Sharp Teeth That Enjoy Eating Tuna And Occasionally Assaulting Humans? It’s the Shark-Cat Quiz, featuring our snuggliest prize yet.

  • [Cat Quiz spoiler] Bobcat vs. shark.

  • [Cat Quiz spoiler] Here is a list of all 157 catshark species at the world’s foremost fish database, fishbase.org.

  • We introduce a new segment: Oh, Fur Sharing!, in which we unpack an actual tweet about a cat, a squirrel, and a bed. If you see a cat-related social media post that deserves investigation, or at least idle speculation, please alert us at hi@letstalkaboutcats.com or tag @ltacpod everywhere.

  • Heidi reveals how she got catfished by her first cat (Nala), who turned out to be a 37-year-old man in Iowa. Just kidding, but Nala was actually a lot older than Heidi was led to believe.

  • Having elder cats with health problems is never easy. For Heidi, it’s also been a process of rethinking what responsibility means, and learning how to make room for caregiving.

  • Fuck resolutions. Make a to-do list. Be there for your cats, be there for your people. Do it again tomorrow. That’s it!

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Heidi Vanderlee

Heidi is a senior publicist at Shark Party Media, where she works with awesome comedians, musicians, and other performers. She also sings and plays cello in Early Riser—check out their catagram merch. Of course, many intelligent people know Heidi from her years as music booker on The Chris Gethard Show (RIP). Here she is with Hallie’s Ukelele Army performing Fucked Up’s “The Other Shoe,” yes, on the cello. Follow Heidi on Twitter and Instagram!

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