Ep. 1.15: Veers, Xavier, Rolly, Ozzel, & Mr. Burns (ft. Holly Frey)


In This Episode

  • It’s our season 1 finale! We’re taking a short break, but we’ll be back soon to talk more… about cats. In the meantime, keep in touch with LTAC HQ via our newsletter, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • [Cat Quiz spoiler] Here’s a clip of Data’s “Ode to Spot” from TNG s6e5.

  • [Cat Quiz spoiler] Here’s the Kickstarter for a statue memorializing Félicette’s historic journey. According to the latest update, the project leader is still looking for a location. Anyone know a landowner in Paris?

  • From the Jane Addams Papers Project, spooky details about the alleged ghosts of Hull House.

  • Want to know more about Marchesa Luisa Casati and her decadent, cheetah-walking life? There’s a Stuff You Missed In History Class episode for that.

  • Episode transcript

  • p.s. Tell me you don’t see the resemblance:

Left: Mary Pickford, Right: Grendel

Left: Mary Pickford, Right: Grendel

Holly Frey

Holly Frey lives in Atlanta and hosts a gaggle of great podcasts: Stuff You Missed In History Class, Full of Sith, and Fauxthentic History. She’s also a sewing and craft enthusiast with a special interest in Star Wars-inspired projects. Follow Holly on Twitter and Instagram! Also follow Mr. Burns on Twitter!

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