Ep. 1.7: Corn, Magoo, & Pudding (ft. Sachi Ezura)


In This Episode

  • How much does Sachi know about cats in scripted television comedy since 2013? We find out in today’s Cat Quiz!

  • [Cat Quiz Spoiler] Here’s the SNL sketch from question 1.

  • [Cat Quiz Spoiler] Here’s the cat poster sketch from question 4.

  • There’s girl code and there’s guy code, but is there… cat code? Either way, consent is important!

  • Sachi explains her feminist awakening to cats. (Longtime listeners will recall that in episode 5 we determined that cats are inherently opposed to the patriarchy.)

  • I won’t lie, things take an emotional turn as Sachi tells us about Corn’s sudden death last summer, how that affected Magoo, and why she and her husband decided to adopt a new kitten (Pudding) the very next day.

  • Plus! Photo ops for cats with food names, letting cats absorb tears and a frankly disturbing anecdote about suckling.

  • Episode transcript

Sachi Ezura

Sachi is a comedian, writer and producer who does amazing things on and off camera. She’s a segment producer for “After After Party with Sonia Denis” and was a producer for the late great BET show “The Rundown with Robin Thede.” Before that, she was Seriously.TV’s executive producer for development, where she also hosted The Weep Show. Her work on MTV’s Girl Code won a Gracie Award, and she co-wrote the Girl Code book. She performs at comedy shows; she books them, produces them, and attends them, too. She also co-hosts What’s Your Damage?, a monthly storytelling show in Brooklyn (with Halle Kiefer). Follow Sachi on Twitter and Instagram!

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